Ways to Impress Visitors With a Modernized Waiting Room

Today's customers deserve a modernized waiting room experience. However, too many businesses fail to pay sufficient attention to the appearance, comfort, and appeal of their waiting room. If yours could use an update, the following are a few things that will bring it into the 21st century.

Comforts of Home

Make your waiting room a little less boring and impersonal by including some decor that you'd have in your own home. A coat rack gives people a place to put their winter accessories. And a fun or eclectic coat rack gives the room some personable charm. Add a rug or a runner to cozy up a standard waiting area. Mirrors and a few selected pieces of art are also good ways to warm up the space - as long as you don't overdo their use. 

A Little Luxury

A few simple luxuries can make all the difference for bored visitors. Start with a small coffee and snack area. This simple addition provides some enjoyment for people waiting and gives them something to take their mind off their wait or their worries. Do you have a steady stream of visitors? Why not bring in a few cookies or candies to add to the coffee and tea selection? Is it cold outside? Offer hot cider or comfy blankets. 

Another often overlooked luxury is a waiting room liaison. This person is assigned to keep tabs on who's waiting and why. They can check in with providers or staff to find out how long it will be and keep visitors updated. The luxury of knowing what's going on can have a profound effect on people's mood. 

Modern Amenities

Want to prevent clients or patients from staring at the clock and wondering how much longer it will be? Give them something to do. Start by providing free wireless for clients while they're waiting. If you have the budget, consider adding tablets that kids can use to play videos or a few selected games. Put the tablets on solid surfaces or firmly connect them to chairs so that they can't be dropped or accidentally taken by little kids. 

One large, shared television monitor can end up being more of an annoyance than a helpful distraction. Instead, why not provide a few smaller monitors for more personalized control? Or how about forgoing standard television entirely. Instead, tune into an animal webcam, a local sports game, or videos on subjects related to your industry.

Not sure how to bring your particular waiting room in the modern age? Visit the inventory choices at Office Furniture Barn today. We can help you create just the right atmosphere for your guests and your business.